Maintaining a high quality of life when you have a health challenge can be difficult for you and your loved ones. You wish to remain independent but need a helping hand. Your family needs to feel secure knowing you are being cared for by compassionate, dependable, responsible, well-trained and skilled professionals while also being treated with respect, consideration, and kindness.

Sometimes a helping hand is all you need to remain independent and living in the comfort of your own home. Our clients include working with all types of seniors. We have many years of experience in providing or arranging for whatever services our seniors may need to enable them to live happy and stress-free lives.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Senior Care Advocate at Nursing Home or Hospital:

As your Senior Care Advocate, we will stay with the senior in all emergency situations. After the Senior has been admitted to a hospital or care facility we will arrange any additional caregiving or companion services that are needed.

Emergency Services

If you need post-surgery assistance with personal hygiene, meal preparation, housecleaning, laundry, errands or transportation, A Solution by Design representatives will arrange for these services.

Personal Care Service:

A Solution by Design arranges for experienced caregivers to assist in the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like bathing, grooming, and dressing.

Post-Surgery In-Home Care:

If you or someone you know has a surgical procedure scheduled and are concerned about recovering at home, we can help. A Solution by Design representative will arrange for in-home care throughout San Antonio, TX and surrounding area. We can arrange for any and all caregiving and medical personnel that they may be needed during convalescence.

Interior design focused on Senior’s needs:

Drawing up floor plans, furniture, and fixture selection, decorating and making sure the place of residence is senior safe.


We Pack, Unpack and Coordinate all aspects of relocating the Senior into their new home. As Senior Relocators, we find the proper place for any Senior whether it be in an assisted or independent living facility, or whatever their need may be.

Services in home relocation:

We coordinate all home services whether it be cable, newspaper, phone, internet, mailing address forwarding, etc.

Downsizing estates:

We arrange for downsizing whether it be donating to charities, having an estate sale or gifting items to friends or family.

Shopping Service:

Shopping can be physically challenging for many elders.  Our shopping service can assist by making grocery lists, doing the shopping, as well as putting away the groceries. We assist with making everyday purchases such as groceries all the way to making purchases to completely furniture a home.

Management of Doctor appointments:

Visits to doctors and other appointments can be difficult for some elders to manage alone. Our specialist provides one-on-one round trip accompaniment for doctor’s appointments. In addition to filling out doctor’s forms, our specialist acts as a liaison between all medical personnel and the assisted or nursing home personnel.

Medication Management:

Many times, filling prescriptions and refilling them is a very long and complicated procedure especially if you are dealing with mail order pharmacies.  It is critical the senior gets his or her medications on time especially after being released from rehabilitation or the hospital.  Often new medications have been ordered while in these facilities and the medical personnel are not responsible for the obtaining these prescriptions after being released.  I have a vast amount of experience in making sure all my senior clients always have their medications as needed.

Legal and Medical Security:

A Solution by Design will help the senior to select the appropriate person to become the Durable Power of Attorney and/or Medical power of attorney.  Also, if the senior does not have a will, our team will help the senior create a will through their own lawyer if possible.  Next, the senior will choose a responsible and honest person to serve as executor or executrix on her or his will.  As a last resort, if no one else is available, A Solution by Design can gladly take on this responsibility.

Funeral Preparation:

It is our desire for the senior to live with dignity and respect in all areas of their lives.  It has been our experience that the senior deeply desires to be involved in the planning of their funeral.  Per many requests by my senior clients in the past, this service is offered to each of my clients.  To quote the first senior who asked me to take him to a funeral mortuary to plan his funeral, “This is the last most important decision that I will ever get to make and I want to do this.”  I agreed.

Administrative Services:

Balancing checkbook, filing long-term care insurance, paying bills via checks or online.  Setting up automatic payments and direct deposits for social security, pensions, and VA etc. A Solution by Design oversees home deliveries, monitors home maintenance, mails bills & letters, maintains your calendar and gives appointment reminders.

Fraud Protection:

A Solution by Design will monitor the checking and savings accounts for seniors (by request only) to ensure there are no unauthorized money is being withdrawn without their permission. We will help the senior to recover money that has been stolen and help resolve situations in which the senior has been defrauded.

Hospice Care:

As the Senior Care Manager for many seniors, we have signed up many clients for hospice services.  I usually am able to keep my seniors in their present living conditions while adding on hospice services.  It is very important to select and be familiar with the different hospice companies in order to provide the best possible service for the senior in their final days.  I also am very diligent in overseeing the hospice personnel to ensure they are providing exactly what the senior needs in these circumstances.

Live in home care:

A Solution by Design can arrange for a professional In-Home Health Caregiver to relieve a family caregiver, allowing the primary family caregiver to rest and recharge. We can provide an expert and reliable respite caregiver on a regular or on-call basis. We customize schedules based on the needs of the family and patient.

Traveling Services:

If your family would like to travel but a senior family member needs assistance with personal tasks such as bathing and grooming, A Solution by Design can help. We can provide a companion to travel with your family, assisting your loved one with personal hygiene, medication supervision, meal preparation, and companionship.

Services for seniors and their pets:

As we age and lose more and more of our friends and relatives, most often our pets are our greatest comfort.  In my experience, my senior clients have actually lived longer having a furry little friend to love.  However, taking care of our pet’s needs becomes impossible at times.  We are big animal lovers and we will do anything and I absolutely mean anything to keep the senior and pet together to the very end.  This includes selecting the appropriate pet, buying all the supplies, contracting for doggy doors, as well as arranging for dog walkers.  We will also provide any services that might be needed for whatever pet your senior may have in his or her life.

Other non-senior services:

I am a professional organizer and a professionally trained troubleshooter.  I am also an expert moderator, working to resolve issues between clients and other companies.  If you are in need of an organization or downsizing, I can take care of any mountains of disorganization that may have appeared in your lives.

Special Event Planning:

A Solution by Design is exemplary in planning that special birthday or holiday party for your very special senior.  We know it can be hard to find the time, so let us plan the party from beginning to the end.  We can create the theme, buy the party decorations, order the cake as well as decorate the venue. We have planned many birthday parties for our seniors and have built great relationships with multiple venues throughout the city.

Residence Organizing

Many times as seniors become older their ability to keep things organized becomes increasingly difficult. We specialize in all areas of keeping a household in order especially when it comes to paperwork.  Keeping a place organized and free from clutter is very important to the safety of the senior.  Fails are always a big risk when it comes to seniors and we make sure it is senior safe in every way possible.

A Solution by Design has a vast array of experience in caring for your loved senior. My purpose is to arrange all services your senior may need so that they can live a happy and stress-free life.

We can provide a variety of services to ensure that the senior is completely satisfied.  Working with seniors we’ve learned to expect the unexpected in all areas of their lives.  My corporate experiences, in addition to my business experiences, have taught me how to resolve any problem that may occur.  I deliberately chose the name of my company to reflect my philosophy in how I go about creating solutions for my senior clients.  A Solution by Design is all about making order out of chaos.