Here are some of the kind words from a couple of our clients.

We thank each and everyone for trusting us. It means a lot that our hard work is having a positive impact on our clients and the community.

Lawrence T. Biedenharn

P.O. Box 17968

San Antonio, TX  78217

January 12, 2015

To Whom it May Concern,

Christine Martinez is a lifesaver!  As an advocate for the elderly, I have never met anyone better.  She began working for my family in July of 2014 and has helped us navigate through a move from one assisted living facility to another, several surgeries, numerous insurance claims, and countless doctors appointments.

Her services have been invaluable to our family.  She is very organized and an excellent communicator.  She will contact doctors and insurance agents and “take up the cause” on behalf of her client.  She keeps track of prescriptions, schedules follow-up appointments, and makes sure that rehab treatments are effective and necessary.  Above all, Christine is a trusted companion.

I highly recommend Christine Martinez.  She is smart and experienced while dealing with affairs of the elderly.  If you need any further information, I would gladly discuss her qualifications with you.


Larry Biedenharn